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Working to understand your style and create an environment that reflects your vision within a set budget


We believe that transforming your home into a beautifully designed space is a joy that everyone should be able to afford.


Working with you to understand your style, we help to create an environment that reflects your vision within a budget that you set.​


Whatever your desired outcome, we can help you to reach those goals knowing you're supported from thought to finish.

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We believe that the design of your home should be more than just visually pleasing - it should be a usable space that you and your family can enjoy, day in and day out.  This idea is at the heart of all that we do, creating welcoming and comfortable rooms to be enjoyed for years to come.

We listen to you carefully to help uncover your own sense of style - everything from rustic farmhouse to modern minimalist.  Our belief is that home should be a reflection of life, with vibrant shades to reflect buzzing social spaces to calming neutrals that promote relaxation and rest.  Whichever direction, we ensure that we stick to a budget that you set and never limit the designers you can use.


None of this needs to be overwhelming, we work with you to:

- Generate mood boards

- Restore and reuse your existing furniture

- Offer colour consultations

- Suggest accessory and storage solution ideas

- Provide a tailor-made project plan

- Organise contractors and manage their work


Begin your journey today by CONTACTING US for a free consultation to discuss the ideas you have for your home.

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