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A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words


Highlighting the best features of your property by accessorising, staging and decluttering rooms 


Whether you are looking to market your home for sale or advertise it to potential renters, ensuring that it looks it's best can help you to secure higher returns.

We utilise the objects you have in your property and place them in frame to capitalise on the beauty that is already there.

Our team can handle everything or work with a trusted photographer to ensure your home stands out in marketing material.

Downstairs 6.jpg

This service, like so much of what we offer, evolved from a simple (exasperated) client conversation - "Why do estate agent photographers refuse to move anything? The photo would be so much better without those tea towels there!!"

So, we decided to move the tea towels and anything else that detracted from the beauty of a room. 

Here are some of the frequentely asked questions that we get about the process:

How long does it take to stage and photograph a home?

   - A two to three bedroom home takes about 2.5 - 3 hours to organise and shoot, plus an hour of photo editing

What will I need to buy to help with the process?

   - Nothing, we believe in using the objects you have in your home to set the scene

Do you clean the house while you stage it?

   - We can work in tandem with a cleaning team to ensure everything is pretty as a picture when we leave

Can I use my own trusted photographer?

   - Absolutely, we are happy to support other professionals as they work to capture your property

Do the photographs really make that much of a difference?

   - They do.  We find that homes with staged rooms secure more viewings and achieve higher prices than those that don't

We like to let our work do the talking for us, have a look at the difference staging can make:

Kitchen Before.jpg
Kitchen After.jpg
Office Before.jpg
Office After.jpg
9-master bedroom.jpg
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