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After eight years of helping people manage their homes, House PA, founded by Olivia Heyworth, has teamed up with with Michelle Bibb, to create Heyworth Gordon.  The aim will blend House PA’s passion for making a house a home with sophisticated operational processes, all while delivering the same great service to our clients.  ​

Heyworth Gordon is on the next stage of our journey to ensure property management and organisational services are accessible to everyday households - allowing them to have the luxury of time.

We provide support across London (and the surrounding areas) to people that are looking for an alternative to the stale and monotonous estate agent offerings.  Our goal is to ensure that all our clients have transparent solutions to their issues, delivered at a fair price.

Let us help you discover how refreshing it can be to have team that works with you to create a tailored plan that supports your needs - from thought to finish!

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In our busy world, we are guided by the idea that time is one of today's greatest luxuries - our goal is to give that back to our clients. All achieved through listening to people's needs and communicating in a way that works best. 


We always offer unique solutions because we know that's what everyone deserves - no pre-arranged packages or cookie cutter answers.

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Olivia Heyworth, BA, Dip

Creative Director & Owner

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Michelle Bibb, BSc, MA

Operations Director & Owner

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We take pride in the work that we do for our clients.  Achieving the same results as estate agents while saving people hundreds of pounds - have a look at the results for yourself

Client Savings represents the money saved against traditional estate agent fees of one month's rent

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