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Working from home for the foreseeable future? We can reorganise and design your work space

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Carving out an area to help you increase productivity and focus your energy

Does lockdown mean that, like most people, you’ve spent the last three months working from home? How’s that been going? A little bit crazy, right? You’re not alone.

Many of our clients have their careers stretched out over the majority of the dining room table. Their meeting notes dripping off the edges, like they are trying to liberate themselves to the sprawling vastness of the crumb covered floor. If you’re tired of traversing sticky jam covered plates and juggling financial forecasts perilously close to the children’s Crayola crayons, there’s a different way.

Imagine a world where you have a small space, carved into your home, that is dedicated and tailored to your working from home needs. Would you believe us if we said:

  • Creating a personalised space doesn’t need to be expensive

  • You don’t need a lot of room to work comfortably as long as it’s properly organised

  • Everything can be easily undone once lock-down is lifted

  • You could see an increase in productivity and reduction in stress

  • It’s possible to have a Zoom Meeting without fearing you will be buried under a cascade of mess

We have been busying advising lots of clients on the best way to create a healthy and effective home working experience. We listen carefully to your requirements and then help pick the best position in your house to set up shop. From there we create a dedicated area that delineates “work” from “home”. It is possible to re-purpose furniture that you already have, obtain it second-hand or purchase it online – flexibility is key to the service we offer. Office supplies, technology and ergonomics all come into account. Creating a space that allows you to focus your energy and organise your day can make a world of difference. Heyworth Gordon works on an hourly rate so you have the flexibility on how you use our services. Our interior design consultation helps to best understand your needs and your goals for your home working space. Creation of a mood board and action plan will help you to visualize your ideas and see how the plan works into your lifestyle. Details like colours, furniture and accessories are all be carefully listed. We can leave you to manage it yourself or oversee the transformation for you. Be bold, there is a world where you kitchen table resumes it normally programmed service!

Image Credit: Ferenc Horvath

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