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Family Bathroom - Layout & Design

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Guiding you through the process of creating a space that meets your needs and suits your style.

One of the key points to bathroom design and layout is getting someone involved; either an interior designer who can also manage tradesmen but if that is out of budget then a trusted/recommended tradesmen who can manage a team. It is not only a plumber who is involved in a bathroom fit; plasterers, tilers and electricians all feature in making your bathroom workable, comfortable and durable.

  1. Getting in a specialist bathroom designer is a great starting point to discuss how to make the most of the space and to think outside of the box as to what can actually be done in the space you have. Wickes, B&Q, Hugo Oliver, and many more have a free design consultation service. It is such a time saving exercise to embark on; so, you know all elements are taken into consideration.

Bathrooms need very specific measurements and there are hundreds of products to choose from, so choose a supplier that fits your design style and bring them in!

  1. Be very clear about your design style, are you shabby chic and like to find reclaimed cabinets and then fit sinks into them or are you modern and streamline. Whichever your style, be sure that the design lasts the test of time. It is one of the most hard-working rooms in the house and has to endure high level elements of wet and warm. So, make sure all products are durable and low maintenance. You don't want a stunning reclaimed wooden vanity unit that peels and cracks because of the humidity.

  2. This is your chance to think outside of the box and create an experience that allows you to start the day with ease and comfort; think about music, lightning, soft furnishings and what you really want to feel in your bathroom. Is it your make up room as well, or do you need to bath little ones that have lots of toys? Take time to think about who uses the bathroom and what they need in it, so you can make the most of the space.

  3. Once you have a layout, walk through the concept in the space; where do you put your robe before you hop in the shower, where do you put the shampoo and soap when you have water in your eyes? Where is the soft fluffy, warm towel when you get out of the bath and or shower, having to hop and jump across the bathroom once you emerge from a lovely hot, relaxing tub is the worst, to get to the towel!!

  4. It feels like you can go really crazy in a bathroom with colour, they have amazing tiles that engulf you in the shower and allow you to dream of faraway destinations - moist resistant wallpaper to bring a theme together and some fun or a classic marble bathroom but with stick on wall tile effects - whatever your budget; keep to the overall theme of the house, so the flow doesn't create unease when you enter the bathroom, but use this space to create a dream space that allows you to unwind and wash the day away.

Heyworth Gordon can jump in at any point in the process to help – please contact us to find out more.

Photo Credit: Heyworth Gordon designed the bathroom in the picture above; making an en suite master bathroom out of an old office.

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