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Benefits of using a Property Personal Assistant

How a competent partner could help free time and reduce stress

Whether you are a landlord with one property or hold a portfolio of many, the paperwork, administration and management can be seemingly endless. Trying to keep up with all the latest changes to regulations in the sector while handling tenant requests and balancing a full time job and life of your own can be overwhelming.

Our experience has enabled us to see that landlords could benefit from a Property PA who understands the vagaries behind property management and the timelines needed to employ them. The ability to hand-off all of these tasks to a team that will monitor them effectively and efficiently allows you to have the luxury of time.

Unlike most letting agents that work for a franchise, with an inherently limited portfolio of services, we are able to extend our offering to cover the little tasks on your snagging list as well as the major responsibilities. It allows us to be a comprehensive solution for property owners, allowing everything to flow through one neat portal.

We are able to manage as much (or as little) as you like. Our job is to provide an individual solution that helps to maximise returns on your investment. We never tie you to specific service providers or require you to purchase bundled packages with facets you don’t need. Everything you require is organised just for you and your property. We act on your direction and always keep you informed of steps completed along the way. Effectively, we’re a “virtual you” when you can’t be there.

Our pricing is transparent and competitive. The reason we are able to beat estate agent’s prices is because we don’t maintain a bricks and mortar storefront. Instead, we visit our clients where ever is most convenient for them: home, work or at their investment property. Our ethos is that we only bill for the work that we do, unlike estate agents that take percentages of what you earn. We are hoping this change will one day bring disruption to the industry’s pricing structure.

Until then, if you decide to think outside the box and use our service we can guarantee you a bespoke, personal service that is flexible and custom made to your requirements. And if you recommend our service to someone that signs up to our property management service for a year, we can offer you a month’s free management of your own property or four hours of home organisation, whichever is more useful. A small way that we can say “thank you” for supporting our growth.

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