Looking to find the right tenant for your property can seem daunting but it doesn’t need to be.  We help to vet interested renters and give you clear, honest feedback on viewings.


Our professional team markets your property on OpenRent, placing it on the same portals that estate agents use, and handles all of the questions that arise.


We can even handle tenant referencing, the creation of a rental agreement and placing the deposit is an assured scheme on your behalf.


Also, find out about our Property Management services.


We work to take the stress our of renting your property by vetting potential tenants to your specific requirements before they view your property.  This increases the chances of finding a renter and decreases the cost to you.


Unlike estate agents, who charge and entire month’s rent to find you a tenant, we charge per viewing.  This saves our clients hundreds of pounds when compared against traditional fees.  This case example shows you how:

Client's Property - Monthly Rental Charge of £2,350


Estate Agent Charge: £2,350


Heyworth Gordon Charge:  £750.00 + £49 + £120 = £919

  (10 viewings at £75 each, OpenRent charge of £49, Photos & Floorplan cost of £120)


Client Savings of £1431.00

This ethical pricing system gives you the same result as using your local high street estate agent but costs far less.  Contact Us to talk about your property and how we can help.  

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