Feeling good about yourself and having a wardrobe space within your home that works for you can make or break a day.

What we wear transcends gender and cultures. 

Just like our living space it should reflect how we want to live, be sustainable and a personal style that reflects the very best side of you.

Seasonal rotation is key to having a wardrobe that allows you to feel your best everyday.


We can work with you, with no judgement, to go through what you love and hate about your wardrobe.

Working seasonally allows for a clear division of what should be out and what should be put away.  A/W and S/S.


Heyworth Gordon works with you not to tell you what to wear but to help you organise your space so it works for you every morning.


We take the items away you don't want to charity or to sell on eBay. We help you pack up for the last season and find appropriate storage within your home so what you are left with is a organised space that leaves you feeling uplifted and positive.

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