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Helping London homeowners to leave the hustle of the city behind and begin a new life on the coast


Choosing to leave London for the coast can offer a larger home, private garden space, access to nature and a better quality of life in general.

A home by the coast often comes with all these features together with benefits of living by the sea from opening your windows and hearing the waves to the quality of air, which is often better in seaside locations.

We can help you to put a plan in action, supporting you every step of the way.

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For so many a move out of London will not be a knee-jerk reaction to the past two years but a plan that has hovered in the background.  With so many businesses allowing greater work flexibility, there's no reason to wait until retirement - the coastal dream is possible now.

Such a large change can seem overwhelming, throwing up so many questions: Do I sell or rent out my London Home?  Which seaside town is best for me?  When is the best time to move?  How do I even begin?

We've helped so many of our clients to realise their dream of of Seaside Living by supporting them through their move.  We can assist with:

- Renting your London property

- Decluttering your space before the move

- Packing and moving your belongings

- Research on coastal towns and homes

- Supporting you through a private property sale

- Managing budgets and lowering overheads

- Peace of mind, knowing Michelle and Olivia are always on hand

Whether your journey to a the coast is already well underway or has yet to begin, we can jump in to support you at any stage.

CONTACT US to talk about how we can help transform your space.

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