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Helping clients to organise and accelerate their relocation with a service that is customised to their lifestyle


A great part of our success at London relocation rests on the fact that we listen to our clients, and what they really need, when facing the challenges of moving to and from the city.

But we’ve also found that for many people, it’s after the move that leaves them feeling most vulnerable and overwhelmed.

Unlike estate agents, we ensure continued support for as long as it is needed, helping to smooth the transition into your new life.

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Time and planning is the key to a successful move and this is when a checklist comes into its own. We can work with you on setting up a time line to list every task and thought, dealing with them effectively and efficiently.

If you are moving abroad or down the road, what needs to be achieved is the same: To reduce the stress of moving into your new home.

Heyworth Gordon can manage all aspects of the move, from:

  - Decluttering before you pack so you don't take the clutter with you

  - Moving administration and utility close down and set up

  - Sourcing quotes from removal companies and managing them so they pack efficiently

  - Furniture planning in the new home and informing removals where pieces go

  - Managing budgets and lowering overheads

  - London relocation orientation service, helping to familarise you with the city

  - Property finding service, looking at everything available in the market (unlike estate agents that only check their own books)

  - Helping to making your new house a home 


Take the next step of your journey by  CONTACTING US for a free phone consultation.

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