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We act on your behalf to protect your investment, maximise your returns and keep you legally compliant


Marcus (Home Owner, SE4)

If you want to sell or rent out your home, I have nothing but praise for the lovely Olivia and Michelle (of Heyworth Gordon) who have worked closely with us to get the right tenants.  They have a personal touch and offer lots of other services for property management.  Highly recommended!

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Helping landlords, both abroad and in the UK, to look after their investment by providing the latest information on government policies, professionally handling tenant inquiries and tailoring  our services to each client's needs. We work to look after your investment to improve long term returns.

Our service is tailored to your property and your tenants.  If repairs are required we meet all the tradesmen personally, or arrange access with the tenants, and never hand your keys off to junior staff.  We also act as a liaison between you and the tenant, helping to renegotiate renewals and assist with disputes.

Unlike estate agents, that charge based upon how much rent you earn, our charge is based upon the size of your property.  We do this because the amount of maintenance a property requires is linked to it's size and not the rent amount.  This simple change has helped our clients to save hundreds of pounds a year. 

For example, a 1000 square foot flat rented at £2000 per month will cost around £200 per month for an estate agent to manage it (10% of the monthly rent), where our charge would be £140 (£0.14/sqft) for a bespoke, personal service.

Find out more here: Two Ways Estate Agents Take Advantage of Landlords

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