At Heyworth Gordon we don’t just say we have a different approach to property management, we actually do.  We only charge for the services that you use, which helps to save our clients hundreds of pounds.  


Our approach for rentals is to charge per viewing as opposed to agents that traditionally take an entire month's rent.  We know it's not traditional, but this approach consistently helps to reduce costs to our clients.  Visit our Tenant Placement page to see how much you could save.


We also incorporate ethical ideas onto our property management pricing structure.  Our monthly fees are calculated from the square footage of your property and not the amount of money it makes per year.  Find out more on our Property Management page.


We offer all our clients peace of mind, knowing that their most valuable investment will be handled with care by a person they know and trust.

We also specialise in international home re-locations - including all the extra work in researching a new country that is involved.

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