The Importance of Having More Time

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Having more TIME allows us all to explore new routes and adventures in a peaceful and purposeful way.

For eight years I've worked with clients, in hundreds of homes across London, to bring them more TIME.

In the ever present bustle of life, TIME allows us all to strive for the golden light of:





House PA has given me the experience to see the difference that more TIME can bring to a home. It doesn’t matter what domestic set-up you live in, living thoughtfully, and within your means, with simple household management systems in place will result in you having more organised, peaceful TIME within your life.

“ The more you have , the more occupied you are. The less you have, the more free you are”

- Mother Theresa

This idea is the common thread that runs through almost all of my client’s homes – everyone wants more TIME to do the things they love.

I have watched over the years as objects take the place of family TIME, the division of household labour replaces thoughtful contributions and temporary effort replaces long-term home goals.

The reason for all of these diverted paths is lack of TIME.

It’s impossible to be motivated all the time, so we must learn to become more disciplined. It’s difficult to change habits and grab more TIME from an already busy day, but being organised within your home will slowly and surely start making a difference.

This idea of organisation is not about perfection, it’s about reducing stress and clutter.

“ A home with fewer possessions is: more spacious, more calming and more focused on the people who live inside it “

- Joshua Becker

In my own life I constantly work to evaluate my habits, being mindful of how I use my time and reflecting upon the idea that sometimes letting go and moving forward is the best path. It allows me to change the way I spend time so that it can be more structured and beneficial to my work / life balance. These are the steps I use to be self-reflective:

Eight steps to gaining more time within your work/life balance

1. Take a deep breath. It really is the first step in calming yourself down when your mind is swirling around.

2. Make a list and get everything out of your head. Rather than letting all the things you have to do bounce about in your head uncontrollably, make a list. A list frees your mind and puts all the things you need to do right in front of you. This way you can see them, approach them in an orderly way and deal with them one at a time.

3. Cross something off. I don’t mean cross it off because it’s done, I mean cross it off and don’t do it. There is always one thing on your list that doesn’t need to get done.

4. Combine efforts. Introduce family contributions not chores. Divide jobs and conquer. Let everyone own the jobs they love to do.

5. Eliminate guilt. Guilt really doesn’t serve anyone. If you’re doing something because you feel guilty, you’re probably not bringing your best self to the role.

6. Get more sleep. Sure, it seems funny to think of a state of unconsciousness as a thing that gives you more time, but seriously, when you are well-rested you’re a much more efficient machine.

7. Done is better than perfect. On a regular basis, you need to pause and say “good” is just fine. It’s impossible do everything perfectly. All households have tasks that are seemingly endless, be kind to yourself and sit back knowing that you’ve done a “good” job to tackle as many as you can.

8. Delegate. You don’t need to do everything yourself. If you’ve got the funds, hire someone to take on some of your tasks. Think of yourself as a job creator helping your local economy. Don’t have the money for that? Look to friends, or family members, who might pick up some of the slack.

I have even had BREATHE tattooed on my wrist. It reminds me to mindfully inhale and exhale. I have found that this simple act makes a world of difference and allows me to keep TIME in perspective.

I have always wanted to share my experiences with a wider audience and restructuring my-TIME has allowed me to do just that. This blog is written with liberated time and it feels fantastic. Over the coming months I look forward to sharing what I have learned as a House PA, a working parent, a mum in a blended family and as a friend who relishes girl-TIME!

Every Friday my blog will cut an excerpt out of my professional organiser diary, showing you how I assist people in the areas of home administration, interior styling and property management. It will allow you to see how simple changes can make huge differences in every home. Each week there will be top TIME saving tips that show you how to implement sustainable clutter-free living within your life and home.

So, watch this space to explore local, ethical, sustainable and thoughtful living.

Olivia x

PS – Remember, be kind to yourself – everything will come to you at the perfect TIME.

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