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  • Heyworth Gordon

Make Your Home Sparkle

Tips and advice on how sustainable eco-friendly cleaning and decluttering can help to stop you feeling overwhelmed.

June is a wonderful month to make your home sparkle, when even the most housework averse of us may begin to feel the urge to clean and clear. Our home is our sanctuary, a space where you can think and recharge.

Having a clean home can have physical as well as mental benefits - less stuff means fewer things for dust and dirt to accumulate on, and you'll be more likely to keep it clean because it won't be so over whelming. The less clutter you have in your home, the easier it is to do basic cleaning chores. Instead , you can use the time you save to do the things you love!

But sometimes, a good clean can actually help you feel less stressed and anxious, as a British study found, " if you find yourself feeling frantic and overwhelmed, taking a moment to tidy up a room in your home can really calm those nerves and bring more focus into your mind.

My grandmother used to say, "if you have a problem, clean your house. At the end of it you may still have the problem, but you have a clean house!! "

Rather than doing nothing, it is always better to do even a little something and this is especially true when it comes to cleaning and decluttering.

Procrastinating is one of the top reasons my clients live with clutter, as there are always other more interesting things to do, so here are some top tips on how to knuckle down and start bringing sparkle to your home.

Start: the bigger the task, the more likely we'll procrastinate. Just making a start makes stress levels fall. the task inot smaller ones to tick off as you go.

Remove distractions: Turn off notifications and leave your phone away from you. The 'Pomodoro technique' advises doing one thing only for 25 minutes before you take a break.

Be answerable: A client told me she uses the website Stikk to set yourself a goal. If you fail, a pre-pledged amount of money is donated to something you don't like. It claims to increase success by up to three times!

Forgive and forget: Forgive yourself for procrastinating and studies show, you'll do it less! So be kind to yourself

So now you have the motivation to clean and clear, I am going to focus this month on the bathroom. Bathrooms are the smallest rooms in any home, and they’re also usually the messiest. Even if you’re not a hoarder, it’s easy to let all the products that keep you clean and presentable stockpile under your sink or inside your cabinets.

  1. Start with your medicine cabinet if it resides in your bathroom - clear out all those out of date products and categorise like for like, Try this medicine box

  2. The best way to stay on top of products is to store them in storage boxes. This allows you to see what you have and not over buy. Only store those things you use on a daily basis. Try these beautiful coloured boxes

  3. Use old glass jars to store your toothbrushes, make up brushes, hairbrushes, tweezers etc. They can be decorated with brown string and a motivational label to greet you in the morning! - " good morning gorgeous"

  4. There can be a lot of dead space in bathrooms, so consider adding storage shelves up high. A good place is above the door. You can then fill it with storage boxes for your overflow products and a few trailing plants. Try this wonderful bathroom plant

  5. Making your own natural products can be rewarding for your body, your bathroom, and your bank balance! I use this, it smells amazing and is so easy to make. Try this remedy for cleaning your bathroom

Every little part of your home routine counts to making a home feel nurturing, using any of the above will encourage you to care for your space and those living within your home.

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