Celebrate Every Day

I lie soaking in the bath this past Friday evening, after a busy week of work, knowing that tried my best to balance my world. I have bad days, sometimes really bad days, and then have okay days, which are inevitably followed by mega-amazing days (where this girl runs her universe)!

What I have been working on for a while is the ethos of whatever my day brings. I fluctuate from super women to slummy mummy. Like everyone, I try as hard as I can to be kind to myself because I know, when I am, that this radiates to all those around me (even to the lady with the sassy coat on the tube!!).

And most importantly I like the way that this reflects back to me.

Taking a moment every day to celebrate what went right, however little, and being proud of it can make such a difference to my mood.

Kindness feeds and travels on the energy of our surroundings and how we live our every day.

One act, one comment, one move in a positive direction can have a very conscious ripple effect.

If practiced every day, with small changes, it can have a sustainable, simple, grateful presence in your life and home.

Approaching new situations can become less stressful. Interactions within our family can become stress free and transparent. With more understanding we allow ourselves, and our home, to for us rather than against us. Changing life for the better!

I work with so many clients in their homes that are awash with the air of distraction, confusion and guilt. The kindness and attention that I bring with me, to invest in positive change, yields immediate results. This is not because I am the “Olympian of De-clutterers” (as quoted from one of my clients) but because I assist people in taking small, but profound, steps forward – in their own time and space. I watch as people finally give themselves permission to stop feeling guilty about how the mess happened and start taking charge of the living space they want to have.

They have made a move to being kind to themselves and their home.

My client said the other day, “It is so hard to maintain this every day. . . I am not talking zen perfection, I am just talking staying on top of everything and fulfilling every aspect of my life”

I couldn’t solve that one for her but we did de-clutter her toys and papers for 3 hours and she came away like she had just found inner peace. All of that can’t be attributed to a tidy room but what is certain is that the kindness she had shown herself had removed the guilt she wore so heavily.

REMEMBER: Small steps = sustainable change


  1. Put a post it note, poster, picture, postcard by your bed so when you fall asleep and wake up it gives you an instant positive affirmation hit

  2. Take a deep breath before you make a decision

  3. Compliment someone else every day

  4. 80/20 rule – 80% on balance 20% vice

  5. One small home job a day minimum

  6. Less Clutter More Life!

Kindness = Coolness

Lots of Love,

Olivia x

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