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Removing physical clutter from rooms to create a spaces that are supportive, functional and ordered


A home is meant to support our lives and not hold us back.  The physical clutter that enters a space can get in the way of how we want to live our lives.

Our approach is to understand your needs and support you in achieving your goals.  It is so much more than just tidying up and getting rid of your belongings.  We work with you to create a beautiful space that supports, inspires and nurtures.


We charge a flat £60* per hour for our services - listening and supporting, never judging, as we work with you.

After years of reorganising hundreds of London homes, it has become clear that our spaces and mindsets are closely linked.  Dealing with one without addressing the other is the reason clutter comes back or emotional baggage remains fixed in place.

Decluttering is a wonderful approach to home organisation but can only only ever give you a temporary change.  We combine decluttering with simple, easy to use systems that support the running of your home.  This means that your space can work for you and not against you.

Organising your space could help:

- Reduce stress and anxiety

- Improve your sleep

- Boost productivity and creativity

- Fight depression

- Rid rooms of allergens

- Save money

- Make cleaning easier and faster

Whether your journey to a clutter-free home is already well underway or has yet to begin, try not to lose sight of your reasons (including those explained above) for embarking upon it in the first place.

CONTACT US to talk about how we can help transform your space.

* VAT will be added to all charges from 1 July 2022

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