Taking the stress out of renting your property by vetting potential tenants to your specification before they view

£995 To Find Tenants for Any Property - GUARANTEED

Our belief is that traditional estate agent fees are baseless, over-inflated charges designed without their clients in mind.


Our novel approach means that we charge £995 to find you a tenant.  We vet potential applicants to your prescribed specification and only show your property to those that meet it. 


We rent 100% of the property we sign and have a turn around time of about a month, from start to finish.

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Looking to find the right tenant for your property can seem daunting but it doesn’t need to be.  We help to vet interested renters and give you clear, honest feedback on viewings.


Unlike estate agents, who charge and entire month’s rent to find you a tenant and then hide additional fees (like base renewal commission) in the contract, we charge a flat fee of with no hidden costs.  This saves our clients hundreds of pounds when compared against traditional fees.

For example, a property that rents at £2000 per month would incur an estate agent fee of £2000.  Leveraging a fee that is based upon your earning is simply antiquated and unfair.  Our approach is to be upfront about costs and transparent through the entire process, only charging £995 to find tenants for any property.


This transparent way of operating is at the core of client relationships - working with property owners to help maximise their returns and protect their investments.  We charge a flat fee of £50 per hour for all activities that lie outside of the viewing fee (like check-in / out inventory, managing tradesmen and de-cluttering). We prorate this down for smaller tasks, because we believe that's the fair way to do it.

Our professional team markets your property on OpenRent - the fee includes everything listed here:


- Property visit and safety check

- OpenRent's premium ad service

- Professional photos

- Online listing creation

- Answering applicant questions

- Physical and remote viewings

- Lease terms negotiation

- Assured Shorthold Tenancy creation

- Security deposit registration 

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