Keeping on top of your household administration, from household bills to children's memories is integral to making your home work for you.

​Having a simple paper filing system in place, takes the day to day stress out of having to deal with all the paper that still comes into your home. 

Even with modern technology, paper still comes in through our doors on a daily basis. Everything from important post, magazines, advertising, school reports, children's artwork, to the tax office can build up into immense piles that never gets dealt with and clutters up our living space, making many of us feel guilty for not dealing with it.


Our experience has taught us that putting in simple household management systems for the rotation of paper work can lead to a daily routine that is easy to use and keeps your head free to concentrate on achieving items on your to do list and being able to find the information you need quickly and effectively.


The key is having a two-tier system that manages immediately the paperwork that comes in through the door and then having a filing station/office that can be the final "resting" place for the important papers that need to be kept. Both stages can be beautifully designed to fit within your home and can work for all members of the house.


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