We act on your behalf to sell your items on eBay so that you have more time to do the things you love. 


We work to secure the best price possible - marketing and advertising your possessions in the best light to secure the highest price possible.


Our job is to help make you money, so we only charge commission for successful sales.  If the item doesn't sell then there is no cost to you.

We offer an eBay selling service to our clients, to help generate cash from unwanted items, supporting you through the entire process.  We work to:​


- Research and evaluate your items

- Write a professional listing

- Take high-quality photos

- Categorise your item appropriately

- Start the auction at the best time and day

- Answer questions from bidders

- Collect payment from the buyer

- Carefully pack and ship your item​


We will arrange a convenient time with you to come and collect your things.  We are unable to store larger items but will take photographs and measurements, leaving them in situ until they are sold and collected by the successful buyer.  We research every item we list, reviewing sales prices of items that sold online in the last 90 days and then price accordingly.


If your items don't sell the first time round we will re-list them automatically.  We do all that we can to give your items the best chance of selling, allowing them to remain active for up to 45 days.


Please contact us for more information or review our full eBay terms and conditions.

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