At Heyworth Gordon we understand what is feels like to be a renter and a landlord.

In the market place they are two very different jobs but both demand patience and understanding.

Under new laws landlords need to save money and time so they make the most on their investment. 

Tenants need respect and the space to make your house their home. 


Heyworth Gordon can bring you experience and a morally ethical commitment to your requirements.


Unlike estate agents, that charge based upon how much rent you earn, our charge is based upon the size of your property.  This simple change has helped our clients to save hundreds of pounds a year.  This case example shows you how:

Client's Property - 3,000 sqft (Rent of £4,000 per month)


Estate Agents: 12.5% of monthly rent = £500 per month or £6,000 per year


Heyworth Gordon:  £0.14 per sqft x 3,000 = £420 per month or £5,040 per year 


Client Savings of £960 per year

We work to look after your investment and improve long term returns.  Our ethos is that being a property agent is different than being a property manager – finding a tenant is not the same talent as managing one.


Our service is tailored to your property and your tenants.  If repairs are required we meet all the tradesmen personally and never hand your keys off to junior staff.  We also act as a liaison between you and the tenant, helping to renegotiate renewals and assist with disputes.

We believe if the tenants are allowed to make a home they will look after it. We will manage all tenants with care and respect.


Contact Us to talk about how we can support the management of your property.

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